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Hello and welcome to my universe of shapes and colors. I am Leighton Matthew and I'm all about creating beauty. I'm also all about exploring the intersections between art, technology, self-expression and innovation. That's exactly why I make digital art. I've been making posters and merch for thirteen years, and while each piece may seem to depict something different, at their core, they're all about one thing - helping you surround yourself with art and beauty. I design and illustrate every day (if not every waking hour) and release a new piece at least once a month. So, if you don't find anything you thoroughly and wholeheartedly love at this moment, make sure to come back soon.

"The Cat Named Chaos" is the first poster I ever made.

"A Plant or an Alien Hand?" is the ultimate representation of my current style.


Like many artists (especially those working in the abstract), I get this question pretty much every time I release new work. And no matter the artwork in question, I always respond with this:

"You tell me."